Sabtu, Agustus 24, 2013

An Event with World’s Puppet Heritage in Indonesia

Indonesia this September is becoming a host for international event called World Puppet Carnival. This event consists of competitions and performances that performs on puppets from various countries in the world, with Indonesia as the host country will feature Wayang Kulit/ Skin Puppet shows on a daily basis.
Puppet World Puppet Carnival event held from 1 to 8 September 2013 with venue in the National Museum, Usmar Ismail Hall and field of National Monument. Participants attended from 46 countries and 60 theater performances with a variety of types and cultures.
World Puppet Carnival has been held twice before and this time Indonesia is proud to be the host for the event. It is not separated well thanks to the commitment of support from one of the top Indonesian businessmen, Mr. Hashim Djojohadikusomo through Arsari Djojohadikusomo Foundation. "Culture is the measure of a nation's civilization and as the last bastion for unifying the nation." He says.
Working closely with Pepadi (Indonesian puppetry Association) to bring some shadow play puppeteer to appearance, it has been a big step to introduce Indonesian Wayang culture in the international arena. Indonesia itself actually has more than 40 types of puppets, but this time only six will be performed in this event.

Many national and international organizations are supporting in organizing the event, such as Sena Wangi (National Secretariat of Indonesian Puppets), UNIMA (Union Internationale de la Marionnette), ASEAN Puppetry Association, Pepadi and other parties that can not be mentioned one by one. With the support of many parties then this could be one of the great opportunities for tourism in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.
Not a few of the participants who visited regions in Indonesia before the show such as Yogyakarta, Bali and Lombok are the top choice of the participants for a vacation in Indonesia. WWPC has become one of the attractions for those in the tourism industry in for Jakarta selling the rooms to the public and the international market. Similarly, from the education sector, some school does are invited to watch Puppet performances every day without any charge.
By having this international cultural event in Indonesia, it is one of the first step for Indonesia to show its ability to introduce Indonesian culture to the world.

Senin, Juli 08, 2013