Selasa, Juli 04, 2006


Effective Leadership
Samchad Consulting Indonesia
Date : Tuesday, 11-07-2006 until Wednesday,
12-07-2006 (1½ hari)
08:30 - 17:00
Venue : Aston Atrium Hotel
Jakarta, Indonesia
Fee : Rp 1.250.000,-
Seminar/Conference Description :
The role of the supervisors and manager has changed. In the past, supervisors and managers were expected to be the boss, evaluator, judge and critic. In today's rapadly changing world the authoritarian manager that valued compliance, confirmity and command control hierarchies will not be able to keep up the pace of change.
Today, manager and supervisor must become a partner, facilitator, cheerleader, supporter and coach in order to be successful. As leaders, our task is to accomplish the organizational mission by means of our greatest resource, our people. As leaders we must understand that the value of diversity is that each individual brings his or her unique experience, skills and commitment to the organization and its mission. Today's leader must be able to successfully use a variety of leadership styled depending on the task, mission and individual. Situational leadership can provide you with a effectiveness and success as a supervisor, in this rapidly changing world.

The objectives or this course are :
• To increase your understanding of how to effectively manage people
• To describe how to use leadership strategies to increase the productivity of your followers
• To develop specifics skills that will help you match your leadership style to the needs of your people and demand of any situation
Other Benefits
By attending this workshop, you will :
• Develop a commno vocabulary for leadership
• Understand the difference between successful and effective leadership
• Examined the core belief and values underlying the situation leadership model
• Learn the effectiveness of your strongest leadership abilities
• Learn to use a range of leadership styles to gain support and commitment from
your staff and to influence and inspire others
• Start thinking l'ike a manager'
Who Should Attend? :
• Prospective or New Supervisors
• Experienced Supervisors or New Managers who have never been exposed to people side.
Speaker : Sahala P. Sinurat, MSc (Founder of PT Samchads Consulting Indonesia)
He is a management consultant specializing in training programs designed to increase managerial effectiveness, specifically, program relating to supervisory management and performance management. Mr. Sinurat obtained his master degree in Operations Research from University of Delaware, Newark, US. His working experience includes:
• Professional Staff to Lembaga PPM
• Training and Development Manager for Rothmans of Pall Mall Indonesia
• Training and Development Manager for the British American Tobacco Indonesia (BAT).
He has led more than 200 training programs. His clients list includes PT Surveyor Indonesia, PT Coca Cola Indonesia, PT DaimlerChrysler, PT Telkom, PT Sanyo Electronics Indonesia, PT Capsugel Indonesia, PT Jasa Marga, PT Pelindo II, PT BASF, PT Advanced Interconnect Industries, PT Amarta Karya, PT Philip Morris Indonesia, PT BAT Indonesia, PT Rothmans of Pall Mall Indonesia, Etc.
Outline :
1. Introduction / Background
o Workshop Objectives
o Expectiation of Participants
o Roles and Functions of a supervisor
2. What is Leadership ?
o Presentation
o Pre - Activity
o Post - Activity
o Knowledge Self - Check
3. Leader Behavior
o Presentation
o Practice 1 - Task Behavior
o Practice 2 - Relationship Bahavior
o Knowledge Self - Check
4. Leadership Styles
o Presentation
o Practice - Leadership Styles
o The Four Leadership Styles
o Knowledge Self - Check
5. Follow Readiness
o Presentation
o Pre - Activity
o Practice 1 - Ability and Willingness
o Readiness Indicators
o Practice 2 Readiness Levels
o The four Readiness Levels
o Knowledge - Self Check
6. Leadership Styles and Readiness Levels
o Presentation
o Post - Activity
o Practice - Leadership Styles and Leader Behavior
o Knowledge Self - Check
7. Tour Leadership Styles
o Presentation
o Your Leadership Styles Profile
o Practice - Consequence of Leader Behavior
o Post - Activity
8. Integrated Game
9. Closing ( Summary and Conclusion )

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